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over 10 years of industry experience and motorcycle madness

With motorcycles and quad bikes continuously evolving, riders find themselves constantly looking for new, exciting brands and models to upgrade to, luckily here at Tazman Motorcycles we go the extra mile to offer riders, young and old, great products at affordable prices and guarantee excellent service.

If we don’t have what you are looking for then speak to one of our friendly sales consultants and they’ll source you what you need at the best price!


Tazman Motorcycles is an authorised Big Boy Dealer and stocks an array of motorcycles from second hand super bikes, to new delivery bikes and quads.

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Rider gear

Quality riding gear at affordable prices.
We stock a variety of premium branded Helmets, Boots, Jackets, Gloves, Race Suits etc brands such as Alpine Star, Berik, Shark, AGV, Arai, Gaerne, Answer, Thor, Spirit (to name a few) for both male and female riders.

shop tyres

Shop online through our affordable range of race, street, cruiser, delivery, and quad tyres and have them either delivered to your door or simply book in your motorcycle to have them fitted while you wait.